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jhay aniceto

to the author................. once i been there..... that is the darkest day of my life........... but isaw my purpose


one night, when my uncle is peeing at the muntinlupa city jail,he heard moaning voice of a man in the toilet bowl,,

legend: when someone get killed, prisoners will chop the body of the victim and drain it in the bowl..

Christian Cabuay

Great work


i am filipino and this people are embarrassing...


Great subjects!


hi sidney,

what a really interesting and relevant photographic cross-sectional study of the prison system. with the spotlight on reformative punishments and the teehankee commutation, your post is timely - and the images are compelling! it just seems like a "scary" prospect going around the local jails. great job!


More fantastic stuff Sidney, you really do come up with some amazing images and text. Thanks a lot.

dong ho

i only heard of this groups but i really don't have the idea who or why they were formed.

making such an extensive research, i wonder if its really your profession or you simply do it as a sideline.


I admire you for going into the jails and getting to know the people and there stories so interesting to read, and learn, and wonderful captures of the inmates

Tattoos used to be seen as only for rough types gang members criminals etc, now they are becoming more accepted and seen as art in many cases, or maybe thats just my feeling since I have quite a few myself

Great work


Sidney, I don't think I can do what you do, visit jails and then take pictures of hardcore tatooed criminals or maybe criminals. Were you even just a tad nervous going in?

They look mostly sweet in the pictures though.

Photo Cache

Just checking--you're back for good right?

The people look so harmless on your shots. Some people do find the artistry in tattoos. I on the other hand just see the pain that goes along with getting one.

Manila Photojournalism

Prayers have been answered! Welcome back, Sidney!

Ah, another awesome series :)


Ashish Sidapara

Beautiful series, the last one is a keeper!

luna miranda

hello, sidney! it's great to see your photos again. you have very interesting subjects. i visited the NBP a few times and there were inmates who have tattoos on their faces. it was a bit scary.

Gérard Méry

femme ou homme la première photo ?


I'm so pleased you took these photos. But more importantly, you took the time to get to know the people behind the labels. I remember my first prison visit when I was 12 years old. The nuns promoted apostolate work among the students. It was an eye-opener for me. Now that I live in Norwich, I have been working even more closely with inmates. And you are right - most things really fall in the gray area.

Craig Wilson

Love the write up Sidney! Images are first class as always. Nice work.


I think I am more entertained by their poses rather than the tattoos on their bodies. they look very friendly and so at ease with the photographer. you seem to be the nicest photographer they've ever encounter, Sidney. I noticed that most tattoos consist of names and an image of JC.


Hi Sidney!
Thanks for dropping by my website. You can really say that Filipinos are born to smile. Even when they are faced with adversity, they can still manage to smile at least for the camera.

By the way, I believe the world markets are turning around after the governments pitched in to help. Please see story in this link:


wow you really are amazing


have they tatoo every where on the body?? :-))


all your explanation are so interesting!! what a opportunity to go inside the prisons and to discover this world, reflection of out side world as use.. manila and the society is fascinating!! they look happier than in any european prison!!! no suicide?? only some murder to regular the life.. :-))

Jacob Maentz

wonderful blog and images. thanks for visiting my site as well. you are bookmarked and i will be back to see more.


as always we get so much more than just photos....great to see these and great to have you back...this place is poorer place without you


How do they get tattoos? Do they use some makeshift equipment or do they do it the old-school way?

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